Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally 10am-5pm

Agricultural Engines continues

19. The McGarvey Traction Engine "Móirin"

20. McLaren Single Cylinder Traction Engine “Seana Mac”

Built in 1878 6nhp Works No 60 

Thought to be the oldest surviving McLaren in the World
Owned by Rory Nagle Co Cork

21.Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Single Cylinder Traction Engine “Lily” Built 1897.7 nhp Works No 11412.Owned by Stuart Glynn Co Carlow

22. Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Traction Engine “The Boss”
Built 1917 6nhp Works No 27258 Reg No IR-1253
Owned by the Glynn Bros Co Carlow


23. George White Traction Engine from North America

Built in 1915
Owned by Martin Keelan Co Louth
David Heatley: