Fairground Organs and Living Vans

Fairground Organs

Exhibits, 50,51 & 52 will be found together:

50. Scammell Highwayman “The Banshee”Built 1964. 150hp.  Supplied new to Hamblins Supplies Ltd, Leicester.  It had several subsequent owners and was then purchased in 1986 by the present owner and restored over the years. Used to move the Fairground Organ and Showmans Living Van to site and to provide electrical power to operate the organ. Owned by The Lord O’Neill, Shanes Castle, Antrim.

51. Southern Showmans Living WagonBuilt 1950.  Purchased from the Cadona family in Glasgow in the early 1970’s and restored over the years. Owned by The Lord O’Neill, Shanes Castle, Antrim.  

52. The Showmans Marenghi Fair OrganThe early history of this Fair Organ is unknown.  It was built by the famous firm of organ builders C.H. Marenghi & Cie at their Paris factory around 1910.  Having a German 89 Key VB Scale, it is reasonable to assume that it was delivered and used by Showmen in Germany. Certainly it was damaged by shrapnel during World War II whilst on a permanent showground in Holland. In the 1960’s it was bought by the Dutch Showman R&W de Boer who have winter quarters in Ulvenhout.  They had it fully restored before travelling the fairgrounds of Holland.  In 1980 it was purchased by the present owner through Arthur Prinsen who converted the ‘Keyless’ system of operation to the more popular ‘Keyed’ system including the cutting of new music books. Owned by The Lord O’Neill, Shanes Castle, Antrim.

53. Showmans Living Wagon

Little is known about the history of this caravan. Believed to have been built around the 1930’s. Owned by William Carlisle, Ballynahinch.

Living Vans

Living Vans were mainly used by Road Rolling Contractors and hauled from site to site behind the Steam Roller. The Roller Driver would live in the van for the duration of the contract, sometimes with his wife and family. Several examples can be seen around the Rally site today.

54. Workman’s Living Van, built in 1910 Owned by McKendry family
55. Workman’s Living Van Owned by the Herron family
56. Workman’s Living Van, built in 1948 Owned by the Bradley family
57. Workman’s Living Van. 

This has been totally built from scratch in 2016 by Colin Dawson, Carrickfergus

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