Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally 10am-5pm


Scale Models of an Engine

At rallies people often ask what job the miniature engines did in the days of steam. The fact is that all the miniature engines are in fact scale models of full sized engines. Many of these have been built within the last 30 years. They are built by enthusiasts to learn or display their skills. They are referred to as 9 inch, 6 inch, 4 inch etc. This refers to the inches to the foot ratio so a 6 inch is 1:2 ratio or half scale and a 4 inch is a 1:3 ratio or third scale, etc.


Burrell 9” Scale Traction Engine “Rose”
Completed April 2017. (¾ size)
Owned by Mickey Brannigan Castlewellan

Burrell 4” Scale Scenic Showmans Engine

Completed 2019 (⅓ size)
Owned by Mark Hanna Lisburn


Burrell 4” Single Cylinder Agricultural Traction Engine 
Completed 2016 (⅓ size)
Owned by Mick Kruschel Co Cork

Burrell 4” Single Crank Compound Road Loco
Completed 2014 (⅓ size)
Owned by Jim McKillop Dundalk


Foster 4” Traction Engine

Completed 1997 (⅓ size)
Owned by Seamus Bannville Co Wexford


Foster 4” Traction Engine

Completed 1989 (⅓ size)
Owned by Dylan Rea Co Carlow


Foster 4” Traction Engine
Completed in 2016 (⅓ size)
Owned by Jack Sinnott

42.Foster 4” Traction Engine

Completed in 2000 (⅓ size)
Owned by Thomas Shivers

"Wee Doot"

Fowler 4” DCC Road Locomotive
Completed 2014. (⅓ size)
Owned by Gary Watterson, Dromara

Garrett 6" Steam Waggon
Completed 1990 (½ size)
Owned by Vincent Fennelly Co Carlow
David Heatley: