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Road Locomotives

These large and powerful traction engines were designed for hauling loads of up to 100 tons on long journeys. They had faster gearing and were better sprung to cope with the increased road speed.  Another feature was the water tank under the boiler to allow greater distances to be travelled between water stops.


McLaren Compound  Road Locomotive built 1911.  8nhp. Exported new to Tasmania it spent its working life there until 2003 when it was brought back to the UK and extensively restored. Owned by Eamon & Mary  McAleenan.


McLaren Compound Road Locomotive. Built 1917. Works No 1497. Exported new to Patagonia in South America  where it was used for haulage until returning to England in 2002.  Purchased by Glynn Bros in 2004 who have completely restored the engine.


McLaren Compound Road Locomotive
Works No 701.
Imported from Australia.
Owned by David Glynn

David Heatley: