Shanes Castle May Day Steam Rally 10am-5pm

Road Rollers

These are probably the best known type of steam engine. They were manufactured in large numbers in a range of weights from 4 tons upwards and could be found still working on road making and repairs up until the early 1970’s when all other forms of steam traction had mostly been abandoned. Manufacturers includes names such as Fowler, Aveling & Porter and Wallis & Steevens.

Aveling & Porter R10 RollerBuilt in 1913, this has recently been restored by the Shivers Brothers, Castledawson. 

Fowler Compound Road Roller T3B. Built 1934.  Weight 8 ton. Owned by Cathal Brady, Co. Kilkenny.

Wallis & Stevens Advance Roller. Built 1928. Works No 7991.  Weight 10 Tons.  Supplied new to George Wimpey and Co. Hammersmith,London in 1929.  Purchased by the present owner in 1992 and extensively restored over a three year period.  Owned by Gilbert Armour, Carnearny Road, Ladyhill, Antrim.

Wallis & Stevens Advance Roller “Pride of Glenelly”Built in 1934. Works No. 8088 Weight 8 tons. Purchased new by road contractors Mitchell, Nutt & Colgan, Derry. Restored originally by Paddy McKendry, Kilrea who sold it to the late John Hurrell in 1979 whose grandson sold it to the late Eric Wilson in 2000 and whose family sold it to Alfie McGarvey, Plumbridge in 2016 who has recently refurbished the roller.

David Heatley: